HID Fargo Card Printers at a Top Price

Card Printers from HID Fargo at a Top Price

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You don't know which HID Fargo card printer to choose or which card printer best suits your requirements? No problem, just give us a call (+49 8094 - 66 899 85) or send us a mail to info@kartenstudio.com (German or English) and we will be happy to give you detailed and competent advice. You will find a huge selection of card printers from the world's leading manufacturers.
Why buy a HID Fargo card printer from us? The experience of the last few years has shown that there are still various questions after the purchase of almost every card printer: How is the cleaning done, which is the optimal ribbon, what kind of software do I need, how to print both sides or to clarify technical problems or uncertainties. In order to be able to work optimally with your card printer, you should therefore buy it from a specialist dealer and not from a discount store, which will certainly not and cannot answer any of these questions. If you are not in EU, please ask us for shipping costs to your country.

Information about Card Printers from HID Fargo...

HID Fargo is the world's leading manufacturer of card printers. The product range of the HID Fargo card printers includes all variants - from the low-priced entry-level model, such as the HID Fargo DTC1250e to mid-range printers such as the HID Fargo DTC 1500e or the HID Fargo HDP5000 to the new high-end card printer, the HID Fargo HDP6600 with sensational 600 dpi resolution for razor-sharp sharp prints on your cards.
HID Fargo card printers are characterized by excellent quality, low-cost consumables and absolute reliability. With us you get all card printers from HID Fargo at extremely low prices and short delivery times.

Fargo DTC1250e: This card printer is also optionally available with an integrated turning station for double-sided printing of plastic cards. The HID Fargo DTC1250e is an ideal card printer for daily use in the office. Due to its user-friendly and innovative operability, the most different plastic cards can be produced in shortest time. With the included software, you can quickly and inexpensively print employee ID cards, customer cards or membership cards in full colour or monochrome.

FARGO DTC1500e: It offers the convenience and lower cost of high capacity consumables along with a comprehensive feature set including innovative, easy-to-implement security features. These benefits enable companies to routinely issue high security cards and badges at a fraction of the cost and without compromising quality. The Fargo DTC1500e is also available with a turning station.

Fargo DTC4250e: Designed for mid-sized businesses, schools and government agencies that want versatility in a practical, professional and secure printer/encoder system. It is ideal for flexible, simple and reliable printing and encoding of technology cards in colour. The DTC4250e combines versatility and ease of use in one unit and is also available with an optional turning station.

Fargo DTC4500e: The HID Fargo DTC4500e is an ideal card printer for continuous and daily office use. It offers 2 card trays with a capacity of 100 cards each. So you can print different cards without changing or up to 200 cards of one format. The HID Fargo DTC4500e also features extra large ribbons to reduce the need to interrupt the printing process. You can also order this card printer with a turning station.

Fargo HDP5000: The HID Fargo HDP5000 offers you best printing results and an absolutely over-the-edge print at an unbeatable price/performance ratio due to the re-transfer technology. On request, the printer can be equipped with various coding options and a laminating module so that it leaves nothing to be desired. The "Duplex" version with integrated turning station for double-sided printing is also available. The Fargo HDP5000 is one of the most popular and best-selling re-transfer card printers. 

Fargo HDP6600: The new HID Fargo HDP6600 shines with its extremely high resolution of 600 dpi and its impressive printing speed. Sharp and brilliant prints can be produced effortlessly and its simple and innovative operation makes the printing of new ID cards, loyalty cards or employee ID cards a breeze. The cards are printed completely over-the-edge. The Re-Transfer Technoligie is especially suitable for brilliant prints as well as for printing RFID cards.

Fargo INK1000: The HID Fargo INK1000 card printer offers a completely different and new printing technology. Here a special thermal ink is used to print on plastic cards. A big advantage of this technology is the lower consumption of printing material, an absolutely over-the-edge card printing as well as a particularly high print resolution.

We would be happy to advise you personally on all products from HID Fargo.