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Kontakt You don't know which card printer to choose or which card printer best suits your requirements? No problem, just give us a call (+49 8094 - 66 899 85) or send us a mail (german or english) and we will be happy to give you detailed and competent advice. You will find a huge selection of card printers from the world's leading manufacturers.
Why buy from us? The experience of the last years has shown that there are still various questions after the purchase of almost every card printer: How is the cleaning done, which is the optimal ribbon, what kind of software do I need, how to print both sides or to clarify technical problems or uncertainties. In order to be able to work optimally with your card printer, you should therefore buy it from a specialist dealer and not from a discount store, which will certainly not and cannot answer any of these questions.

With our modern and fast card printers for plastic cards, you can print a variety of different plastic cards and motifs, such as

Employee ID Cards Loyalty Cards Student ID Cards Price Tags & Labels Visitor ID Cards Event ID Cards Event Tickets Vaccination Certificates Name Badges Membership Cards and more.

Plasticcard Printer Zebra ZC300
Card Printer Zebra ZC300
1.069,00 EUR
incl. 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
Lamination Modul ILM-LS for Card Printer Matica XID-series
Laminating Module ILM-LS for Matica XID8xxx and Matica XID9xxx
1.899,00 EUR
incl. 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
Lamination Modul for Card Printer Matica XID-series
Laminating Module ILM-DS for Matica XID8xxx and Matica XID9xxx
2.379,00 EUR
incl. 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
plastic card printer Matica XID8600
Card Printer Matica XID8600 Duplex
3.198,99 EUR
incl. 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
Datacard CR805 card printer
Card Printer Datacard CR805
3.569,00 EUR
incl. 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
Card embosser Matica S3300e
Matica S3300e Embosser
16.250,00 EUR
incl. 19% tax excl. Shipping costs

Informations about Card Printers ...

One differentiates between 2 different printing variants. In thermal transfer printing resp. sublimation printing, the color of the inserted ribbon is printed directly onto the plastic card. In the case of re-transfer printing, on the other hand, printing is first done on a film, which is then applied to the card.

Thermal transfer printers ...

Most card printers, even the slightly cheaper models, work with thermal transfer printing. The advantage of this variant is the significantly lower prices of the card printer and the possibility of different color ribbons such as black, gold or silver print. This can significantly reduce the printing costs incurred. Furthermore, printing with a monochrome ribbon is considerably faster. Depending on the printer, up to 1000 plastic cards can be printed here per hour. This also makes it possible to print already pre-colored plastic cards in one color. This category includes our most popular card printers as Authentys 300, the Evolis Primacy, the Zebra ZC300 and Hiti CS200e, the HID Fargo DTC4500e, the Entrust Datacard Sigma DS2 or the HID Fargo DTC1500e.

Re-transfer printer ...

The re-transfer printing is the higher quality printing, but the costs are also considerably higher. For this, the colors are more brilliant and in this printing process, in contrast to thermal transfer printing, the complete plastic card can also be printed. There is no thin, unprinted strip on the edges of the plastic cards, which can be annoying, especially with darker layouts. There are already models that not only work with 300 dpi resolution, but already offer a resolution of 600 dpi. If you want to print fine lines or very small fonts and expect absolutely sharp images, then the new card printers with 600 dpi are the right choice. Monochrome printing tapes, however, are almost non-existent, in some cases a black ribbon is offered, but gold or silver is not printable here. Our bestsellers here are the HID Fargo HDP5000 at a truly sensational price, the HID Fargo HDP6600 with its 600 dpi resolution, the reference class printer Dascom DC-7600  and the Authentys Retrax with the possibility to print watermarks.

Ribbons for card printer...

Each card printer and almost every model has its own ribbons. A change between the models or even manufacturers is usually not possible. For a colorful print you need a YMCKO or YMCK ribbon as well as a suitable film for the re-transfer printing. For almost all re-transfer printers, there are also several different monochrome ribbons, such as black, gold, silver or white. In addition, some special ribbons for rubbing fields or for creating a signature field are sometimes offered.

Cleaning of card printer...

All card printers should be cleaned after about 700 - 1200 prints. Special cleaning cards and cleaning kits are available for this. These are simply plugged into the card slot of your printer and then clean the rollers. The whole procedure takes no longer than 5 minutes, but protects your printer and ensures a consistently good print image.

Our recommendation before buying a card printer

Before purchasing a card printer, the exact purpose of your new card printer should be clarified in order to select the best card printer for your needs. We will be happy to advise you by phone or e-mail.

Our excellent card printers from Authentys, Dascom, Hiti, Entrust Datacard, Matica, Magicard, Hiti, Evolis, HID Fargo, Zebra and PriceCard are characterised by a robust as well as elegant design and offer you a whole range of advantages:

Simple, intuitive operability
Improvement of your business processes
Saving costs and working time with optimal solutions
Quick and easy to install via USB or network
Can be upgraded with various printer options
For large and small companies, public authorities and offices
For excellent card printing with 300 dpi or 600 dpi resolution
Cost-effective consumables
With service and maintenance contract on request

Due to the compact design of the card printers, they also find a place in small companies, public authorities or offices. This means that a card printer from us offers almost every company the possibility to create and print its own plastic cards.

Excellent card printers at the best price

With an inexpensive card printer from us, you can quickly and easily print your plastic cards directly on site in your company or authority, personalise them, print them with images, barcodes or QR codes and of course also apply images of your employees.

Depending on the card printer, you can print your new cards in one colour or colorful. Even plastic cards pre-printed by us especially for you can be easily personalised. Our card printers are not only ideal for quickly printing larger volumes, but also for producing plastic cards individually or in small quantities. Your finished plastic cards are ready for immediate use.

A card printer with WiFi connection is ideal if it is to be accessed from various devices in the private sector and you want a wireless connection. In your company, we recommend connecting it via USB or network. With the network function, several employees can access the card printer from different workstations. This makes sense in case of holiday replacements or illness. The connection option is described separately in the article description of each card printer.

The designation "Duplex" after the printer name means that your card printer can automatically print on both sides of the card and that a flipper module is already installed. A flipper module saves valuable working time and prevents misprints, especially with cards that are to be individualised on both sides.

Choose a card printer that suits your needs or ask us which card printer offers the best solution for you. For smaller companies, the cost of purchase often plays an important role, whereas for larger companies or government agencies, it is more a matter of high print volume at low card prices. Therefore, for smaller print jobs, up to about 5000 prints per year, dye-sublimation printers are usually the better and cheaper choice, while larger businesses should rather buy a re-transfer printer.

A card printer only works with the right consumables. In any case, you need good plastic cards, the appropriate ribbon for your card printer and cleaning materials. We will be happy to help you with this or you can take a look at the completely prepared packages with all accessories under the menu item "Card Printer Packages".

Environmental protection

Many manufacturers now produce their card printers sustainably and with recyclable materials. But customers can also do something about this. For example, there are plastic cards that can be rewritten - rewritable cards. After using the card, the text can be deleted and the card can be rewritten. This is a sensible and environmentally friendly solution, especially in the field of visitor management. 

But not all plastic cards are the same. In the meantime, cards are also available that are mainly made of degradable lime or that are produced from recycled plastic. These cards are available for large-volume offset printing as well as for small series in your company.

Largest range of card printers

As an independent supplier of card printers, we have the advantage of being able to offer neutral advice without having to obtain minimum sales from the manufacturers. So you can be sure that you really get the best card printer for you from us. You will therefore find almost all the world's leading card printer manufacturers with the current and latest models in our range.

 Single-colour card printers for personalisation
 Monochrome and colourful card printers for ID cards, loyalty cards, certificates and much more.
Special card printers for price labelling
Card printers for longer and larger plastic cards
Card printers with and without a flipper module
 Retransfer card printer for over-the-edge card printing
Retransfer card printer with up to 600 dpi resolution for particularly brilliant card printing
Rewrite card printer for multiple writing on a plastic card
Card printer for printing on cardboard cards
Card printers based on special ink with a particularly high resolution

Options for card printers

Modern card printers can not only print colourful images on plastic cards, they can also encode cards with built-in technology or watermark your cards. With some card printers, you can order a variety of options and some of them can even be retrofitted:

Encoder for RFID cards
Encoder for magnetic stripe cards
Flipper module
LCD display
Printing of watermarks
Printing of transparent plastic cards
Printing of UV security features
Printing of holograms

With this selection you can see how extensive the range of card printers has become in the meantime. If you are not sure yourself or want to struggle through every data sheet, we will of course be happy to advise you personally on the phone or by e-mail.

Possible applications Card printers for plastic cards

With our modern and fast card printers you can print a variety of different plastic cards and motifs, such as:

Employee ID cards
 Customer cards
 School cards
Student cards
Price tags & labels
Visitor passes
Event passes
Event tickets
Vaccination certificates
Name badges
Membership cards, etc.